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Hello, friends!

I planned on blogging about all the awesome food I had in Austin last weekend, but I am going to save that for next week because I have something I am even more excited to share with you guys!

I know I have been talking about Whole30 a ton, and this blog isn’t going to turn into a Whole30 blog by any means, but since #SeptemberWhole30 is going on and I’m in the process of becoming a Whole30 coach, it’s been my main focus in terms of nutrition.

Whole30 is really what propelled my passion for nutrition. I had come to accept that I was going to have stomach issues and an unhealthy relationship with food forever after experimenting with every diet known to man and none of them helping. That was until I came across Whole30. As I’ve said before and will never stop saying, Whole30 completely changed my life.

I love that Whole30 has such an amazing community and that it’s free, which means it’s accessible to anyone! Although the books are extremely valuable resources (and totally worth buying for your health!), they are not required. The website provides everything you need to be successful in your Whole30 and your life after Whole30.

As part of my Whole30 coaching certification, I had to create a Whole30 resource. After thinking  about what would have been helpful for me, I came up with the idea to do a Whole30 planner. In this planner, you can plan out your meals (planning was key for my success during Whole30), as well as track how you feel during your reintroduction phase. I’ve also included a couple resources from the Whole30 website (Whole30 timeline/Non-scale victory checklist). I’m excited to share this idea with everyone and sincerely hope it helps you with your Whole30 journey! Please note, this is not an official Whole30 resource, just something that I put together to help you with your Whole30!

Click below to access the planner!

Whole30 Planner

I’ll be posting about Austin next week so stay tuned for some awesome Paleo-ish and Whole30 Austin Restaurant recs!


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